S. Augustine, Kilburn

  • Kilburn Park Road
  • London
  • NW6 5XB

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“When Hardy came up to London from Dorset in the years of his fame, he would sneak into St Augustine’s Kilburn, from time to time, to hear the music and admire Pearson’s wonderful building.”
- Churches 1870-1914, Volume 3
The Victorian Society, Ed. Teresa Sladen and Andrew Saint, 2011

Many famous writers and artists have visited the church over the centuries, drawn by the fame of its architecture and its strong Anglo-Catholic traditions. Notable figures include Thomas Hardy, who visited from time to time to hear the music and admire the magnificent building, and Leonard Bernstein, who conducted an English Bach Festival concert at the church in 1977. You can watch the video footage here. Barbara Pym based Neville Forbes's church in her novel No Fond Return of Love on S. Augustine's (Robert Smith, Exploring London Churches with Barbara Pym).

In more recent times, the church has been visited by actors and musicians for filming and recording, including Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine), The Sixteen and Simon Russell Beale, continuing S. Augustine's tradition of artistic connections.